The Australian International School is committed to learning for life and fostering a love of learning in catering for students’ individual differences and needs.

The Primary School caters for students from Early Childhood Education to Senior Primary with classes organised into:

  • Early Childhood (3 and 4 years of age)
  • Junior Primary (Years 1 and 2)
  • Middle Primary (Years 3 and 4)
  • Senior Primary (Years 5 and 6)

This structure allows for a greater choice of friendship and interest groups and maximises the opportunity for an effective three – way partnership between student, teacher and parent over two years.

Whilst an exciting, varied and inclusive curriculum is offered in all Key Learning areas, the School believes that success in the formative years (Early Childhood to Year 2) in Literacy and Numeracy is critical for future learning. The School provides a Literacy and Numeracy coach who works closely with all class teachers in individual or small group situations in response to student need.

The Primary School is nestled in a natural bush setting with spacious grounds and varied playground areas. This provides an ideal foundation for a comprehensive Outdoor Education that has an environmental base.

The Australian International School teaching staff are caring, committed and competent educators who pursue the best possible learning experience for each child in their care.


The co-curriculum in the Primary School at the Australian International School is designed to enable students to achieve success in attaining their maximum educational development by catering for individual differences and needs. The curriculum is implemented in a vibrant and engaging environment where the children develop a love for life-long learning.


The Early Childhood Education Program provides the foundation of Literacy skills in the Primary School. Beginning with an emphasis on engaging and enriching experiences in oral and written language in Preparation and Junior levels, our curriculum is based around relevant, shared learning experiences. Themes continue to provide a rich context for the exploration of Literacy in Middle and Senior Primary years. Many opportunities arise for students to gain confidence in reading, writing, speaking and listening.


Mathematics is a dynamic component within the core curriculum in the Primary School. We believe that all students have the capacity to develop an understanding and passion for mathematics. Children at our school learn to become confident numerate citizens, through linking firmly set foundations and targeted open – ended questions to real-world applications.


Primary School students utilize contemporary science resources in a laboratory classroom. Each Science lesson is conducted in the Science Laboratory and the children experience a wonderful range of hands-on experiments covering the fields of chemistry, physics, biology and environmental science. In a safe, stimulating and informative environment, children are learning major concepts in science; understanding their experiences lead to a sophisticated and consolidated understanding in the later years of secondary science.

Visual Art

The Primary School Visual Art program aims to develop and encourage the children’s self expression and visual awareness through creating, making and presenting. Appreciation of their own peer and adult artwork is an integral part of learning. Children are encouraged to explore and respond to art in past and present contexts and as relevant to their experience. Art frequently forms the creative extension of the current classroom theme, but it also provides many experiences that are uniquely those of the visual arts.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts – music, drama and movement – is a joyful experience and a valuable part of the School curriculum as it supplies a means for self-expression, a mode of communication and develops both individual and group skills, physically and creatively. It aims to integrate the art forms of music, drama and dance so that all students are encouraged to participate and extend their learning in the Arts through achieving enjoyment and success. In the Primary School, students have the opportunity to learn one or more musical instruments throughout the day. Our program provides students not only with essential skills for performing music, drama and movement, but also with fun filled, enriching experiences. Every child in the Primary School attends a one-hour specialist class of Performing Arts. The curriculum focuses on the elements of drama and music which empower the students to make, create, explore and respond to the performing arts, whether it be playing the recorder, or performing in a full scale theatrical production.

Information Communication Technology

Children live in a dynamic, ever changing electronic world. The School aims to build on children’s skills with on-going refinement in the selection, analysis and interpretation of electronic information. Through the use and application of information technology, students develop a systematic and creative approach to using technology to solve problems, make presentations, increase learning and have fun.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education provides children with new and challenging experiences. These experiences enhance their physical skills as well as foster social attitudes, knowledge of their environment and development of personal character. By engaging in outdoor education, students will gain a better appreciation of the fragile balance between humans and their environment.

Physical Education

Physical Education is a vital component of Primary Education at the Australian International School. The emphasis of the program is to develop skills, have fun and promote positive attitudes toward physical activity. Physical Education is a comprehensive program that includes fitness, soccer skills, basketball skills, volleyballs skills and swimming.

Transition to Year 7

The Senior Primary students regularly participate in a Transition Program where the Middle School students are mentors. The mentors interact positively with their younger counterparts to ensure Senior Primary students enjoy a smooth transition to Year 7 and the Middle School.

Health Care

The School’s Health Care Centre determined to caring for and educate students about healthy life choices. We provide a qualified nurse, on duty throughout the school day. We provide psychological and physical support for all students when they are ill, injured or distressed. The Centre liaises with parents, teachers and other health professionals to provide the best outcome for our students.

Healthy Eating Program

A healthy lifestyle and eating habits have always been an integral part of a child’s education at the Australian International School. A good nutrition program, focused on healthy eating, is supported within the School and is showcased by the variety of home-made foods produced and prepared by the well-trained chef at the School canteen.

Out of Hours School Care

The Australian International School also provides before and after school care. The before and after school care program combines active play, quiet reading time and homework time. Every day is a good mission led by enthusiastic staff members who are on a mission to bring smiles to children’s face.