School Profile
The Australian International School is an accredited primary and secondary school in Phnom Penh Capital City, Cambodia. The School runs co-curriculum of the National Curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Sports and the Australian Curriculum. We have excellent facilities and provide children with a high quality level of education. We are committed to creating an environment where students receive the individual attention they need to develop intellectually, mentally, physically and socially.We provide an environment and the curriculum that challenges students to achieve to their highest potential and that develops knowledge, skills and resilience to be successful global citizens. We strongly believe in children learning about values and principles at the School. We will launch the operation from 2016-2017 onward.

Within our learning community we underpins teaching and learning, guides our interactions and relationships and is modelled in all operational processes of the school. The Australian International School has a consistent and positive approach to behaviour to foster a school climate where personal responsibility and self-discipline are developed.

Mutual Respect
Affirming the value and uniqueness of each person. Treating others the way you would like to be treated; recognising and appreciating individual and cultural differences; and offering feedback that encourages growth. The pillars are:

  • Attentive Listening
    Paying close attention to one another’s expression of ideas, opinions and feelings; checking for understanding and to let others know that they have been heard. Concentrating to ensure learning instructions are understood.
  • Personal Best
    Aiming to improve on your own personal efforts; striving towards an optimum level across all aspects of the curriculum.
  • Appreciations
    Treating others kindly; stating appreciation for unique qualities, gifts, skills and contributions; avoiding negative remarks, name calling, hurtful gestures and behaviours.

Environmental Context
The Australian International School is located in Phnom Penh Thmey, Sen Sok District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our school is newly built on 10,000 meter square of land. We promote both intellectual education and physical education. Our school campus is safe and clean and equipped with sport facilities such as soccer field and swimming pool.

The Australian International School teaching staff are a dynamic and highly qualified group of professionals. They are committed to achieving the school’s goals and strive for continuous improvement. We are fortunate to have a gender mix to provide a variety of role models for children. Education support staff enrich our program provision and provide administrative support. Team ethos is strongly supported by all staff and is a key feature of the school, alongside a culture of improving professional practice.

The school strongly supports investigative learning and student engagement through innovative teaching practice. Staff utilise the computer laboratory, laptops, interactive whiteboards, IPADs, digital cameras and IPOD touches to enrich and support class programs. Students participate in a variety of educational and extra curricula opportunities to support our philosophy of educating the whole child.  Our students also have the opportunity to participate in our whole school productions and a range of Performing Arts opportunities.

Parents and staff form an active partnership in the policy decision making processes of the school, the delivery of quality learning programs and the promotion of a caring school community. The involvement of parents in class programs, special events, fundraising and grounds maintenance is a feature of the school. We highly appreciate and endorse local experts.

Effective communication between teachers and parents is facilitated through publications, newsletters, e-mail, school website, information sessions, personal contact, student reports, parent training programs and special events involving the whole school community.

The Australian International School has attractive air conditioned classrooms situated in a beautiful natural environment. The school is well equipped with Art Room, Library, Computer Lab, Canteen and Multipurpose Building, providing a full size outdoor sport facilities and Performing Arts centre.

The grounds are well maintained and students are actively involved in planting and caring for the environment. We promote reducing energy and water consumption, recycling and rubbish free lunches.