Sense of Community

Relationships and collaboration are all important at the Australian International School. Our community is built on a three-way bond between students, parents and school, and at the heart of our community is the relationship between teachers and students.


Learning is life-long and at the Australian International School we encourage students to be leaders of their own learning, developing self-discipline, confidence and character to take the initiative in a friendly, supportive learning environment so that they will be leaders of the future. We aim to create a learning community where both staff and students are part of the learning journey.

Equity and Social Justice

Our community affirms the right of each student to achieve their potential in all areas of development, embracing diversity in all its forms, raising awareness of, and working for, equity and social justice.

Acceptance, Care and Compassion

We value an education consistent with our faith, accepting of difference, considerate and respectful of others, supportive, inclusive with empathy for those in need and a willingness to serve, whilst nurturing the individual.