First Aid Policy


We want our students to be safe and well, and to know that they will be properly cared for when they require first aid. This means that the School will administer first aid to children in a timely manner, communicate their health problems to Parents/Carers or ambulance, provides first aid supplies, and maintains a number of staff members with appropriate first aid training.


Staff Training

  • Matters relating to first aid specific health needs will be communicated to staff at the beginning of each year or as the need arises.
  • Staff will be provided with basic first aid management skills. A supply of protective disposable gloves will be available for use by staff.
  • A number of staff (including at least 1 administration staff member) will be trained in basic First Aid.
  • A first aid room will be available for use at all times, and will store a necessary supply of basic first aid materials.
  • A member of the Office staff is to be responsible for the purchase and maintenance of first aid supplies, first aid kits and ice packs.
  • A recording form located in the first aid room will be kept for all injuries or illnesses experienced by children that require first aid. All attendances will be recorded.

First Aid Procedures

  • Supervision of the First Aid room during recess and lunch break will form part of the daily duty roster, usually by a school employed administration staff member.
  • Minor injuries are cared for by staff on yard duty.
  • All other injuries or illnesses that occur outside recess breaks will be referred to the administration staff who will manage the incident.
  • Any children with injuries involving blood must have the wound covered.
  • No medication, including headache tablets, will be administered to children without the express written or verbal permission of parents or guardians. Administered medication will be recorded in the First Aid log book.
  • All children, especially those with a documented asthma management plan, will have access to Ventolin and a spacer at all times.
  • All teachers and staff have the authority to call an ambulance immediately in an emergency.
  • Parents/carers of all children who receive first aid for more serious injuries (including head, face, neck or back) must be contacted by staff so that professional treatment may be organised.
  • Parents of ill children will be contacted to take the child home.
  • Parents who collect children from school for any reason (other than emergency) must sign the child out of the school in a register maintained in the school office.

Excursions and Camps

  • All school excursions will have at least 1 first aid trained staff member accompany the group.
  • A basic first aid kit will accompany all excursion and camps.
  • All children attending camps or excursions will have provided a signed medical form with medical details and permission to contact a doctor or ambulance should instances arise where the child requires treatment. Copies of the signed medical forms to be taken on camps and excursions.
  • When written permission has been granted at school and on camps, any medication that has been administered must be recorded, and parents /carers notified.