Guidelines for Class Representatives

The class representative system aims to establish and maintain a line of communication between parents and the classroom teacher.

The role of the class representative is to:

  • Collect the signed contact detail forms received from parents/guardians at the beginning of term.
  • Produce a class contact list
  • Circulate the list to all parents/guardians in that class as soon as possible after the start of the school year.
  • Update and recirculate the class contact list as necessary throughout the year.
  • Set up a group email list
  • Make regular contact with the teacher regarding:
    • help with excursions and incursions
    • rosters for class helpers
    • requests for materials for classroom projects
    • assistance with school events/activities (particularly in the junior levels).
  • Circulate and promote information regarding fundraising projects and special activity days on behalf of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).
  • Provide a personal approach to welcoming new families into our school community.
  • Organise opportunities for parents to socialise within a class/year level; for example, coffee mornings, park play afternoons, restaurant nights etc.
  • Organise an end of year thank you celebration for your child’s teacher.
  • The class representative may coordinate, with the assistance of others, a gift for the teacher at the end of the year, if the majority of parents are keen and willing to participate.
  • Provide assistance in the classrooms with displays and cleaning at the end of term / year.
  • The class teacher should be copied in on all emails to parents so he/she is aware of what has been communicated to parents by the class representative.

How class representatives are appointed:

  • At the beginning of the school year, a teacher will ask for expressions of interest from parents/ guardians or a parent/guardian may volunteer.
  • If expressions of interest are not forthcoming, the class teacher may approach individual parents/ guardians within the class.
  • The role of class representative can be shared very effectively between two parents/guardians.
  • If a class representative goes on leave then they should make arrangements for someone to cover in their absence.
  • Ideally an existing parent will assume the role for prep classes to support prep parents new to the school.