Library Rules

Hours of Operation

The library is available from 7:20a.m. – 4:40 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

The library is available from 7:20a.m. for students to work at a student work station, to use the photocopier, to request a pass to the library to be used instead of remaining in a study hall, to check-out or check-in materials or to settle obligations they may have because of overdue materials.

Students may not remain in the library and are required by our Administration Office to report to their first period class.

Student IDs

Student photo identification cards are required to sign out library material.

Students may be requested to show student ID’s to receive study hall passes. If a student does not have a student ID they may go to the Administration Office and ask what procedure to follow to obtain one.

Library Etiquette

Students using the library should work in a way that respects all other people that are using the facility

  • Food and beverages are not permitted in any of the research or computer areas
  • Card or game playing is not permitted.
  • In compliance with school policy the following items are not permitted—headphones, walkman, ipods, CD players, cell phones, beepers or laser pens. The library staff has the right to remove these items to the Administration Office.
  • Students in the library researching an assignment with a classroom teacher are requested to remain in the area reserved by their teacher until the end of the period or block.
  • A pass will be issued by the library staff to a study hall student who is having an emergency.
  • If the student is from a research class, the teacher is responsible for providing the student with a pass and it will be issued at that teacher’s discretion.
  • Before a student leaves the library he/she is expected to log-off their computer, leave the area around their computer clean, push in their chairs and return all materials to the areas that they found them.
  • If the security system sounds when a student is exiting the facility, they need to come to the circulation desk. The library staff will help to determine if the materials have been properly signed-out.

Overdue and Lost Material

Students will be charged for overdue, lost and/or damaged materials. Cost of the materials is determined by the cost of the book at the time of purchase.

  1. Notices will be issued via the student’s first period class on a bi-monthly basis.
  2. All students are required to show photo ID prior to signing out material.
  3. Students will be held responsible for overdue and /or lost materials


Overnight – $.20 per item (calculated on school days only)

Student Discipline

Teachers who bring their classes to the library are responsible for disciplining their students. If one of those students exhibit behaviors that is not appropriate they will receive a verbal reminder. If the behavior continues, a pass will be issued and the student will be sent back.

Special Usage

Research Only

There are occasions when library access is limited. “Research Only” indicates that library usage will be available only for students who have research needs which necessitate utilizing library materials and/or equipment and at the discretion of library personnel.

Small Groups

Students may be sent to the library from the classroom with a signed pass from the classroom teacher. It is first necessary to ask the library to see if there is availability in both space and computer workstations. Building administration requires that each student have their own pass.

Large Groups

If a teacher wishes to schedule research time in the library they may do so after filling out a Research Request Sheet. Classes will be scheduled in the order that requests are filed with the library staff. We will accommodate as many groups as possible.

The Request Sheet (available upon request at the circulation desk) serves to minimize scheduling errors.

Special Instances

Occasionally it is necessary to close the library for one or more blocks due to group testing or special projects. These instances will be determined and authorized by our Administration.