School Uniform Policy

The attractive school uniform is a very practical and economical way of dressing your child for school life. The range of items and sizes cater for all needs and can be obtained from the administration office.


A uniform dress code reinforces in students a pride in their appearance and instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the Australian International School. Students are expected to dress in school uniform in a way that reflects a sense of pride in their school and themselves. It provides a means of identification and helps to ensure safety of our students, in the playground and in transit to and from the school.


  • To promote equality amongst all students.
  • To further develop a sense of pride in, and belonging to our school community.
  • To provide durable clothing that is cost effective and practical for our school environment.
  • To maintain and enhance the positive image of the school in the community.



  • It is expected that school uniform is correctly worn at all times.
  • Students must wear the uniform in full, as described within the option.


For health and safety reasons

  • Single stud or sleeper earrings are the only acceptable forms of jewellery
  • Long hair, i.e. shoulder length and longer, must be tied back for female students. Long hair for male students is not acceptable.
  • Extreme hairstyles and unnatural hair colour are not acceptable.
  • Make up may not be worn at school.
  • All students must wear suitable footwear. Suitable shoes are runners or black school shoes with a flat sole, lace or Velcro closure and a fully covered toe, side and heel (thongs, high heel shoes are not acceptable).
  • Students are encouraged to wear runners for Physical Education and sporting activities.
  • When representing the Australian International School in sporting events, the correct sports uniform should be worn.
  • Specific requirements are communicated to students concerned prior to an event.
  • In some cases, specific uniforms may be loaned to the student by the school for that particular event.
  • Parents/carers seeking exemptions to the school’s uniform requirements due to religious beliefs, student disability, must consult the School Principal/Assistant Principal.
  • All uniform and other items should be clearly named.
  • Students wearing non-uniform items will be asked to remove these items and a loan uniform will be provided for the day.

Lost Property

For honesty and integrity, any lost property should be return. The school has three lost property bins located in the Reception, the Administration Office and the Canteen. Students can return the lost property to the staff/teachers.